The B. Fit Clinic located in Sante Wellness and Personal Training of Del Mar provides one on one personal training and nutritional guidance. The B. Fit Clinic trains with the No Shane No Gain, taking pain out of the gain program. The program stretches and strengthens the body to have better posture to reduce pain.

The program is comprised of the elements of fitness that are integrated into a comprehensive training program. It’s designed to improve nutritional habits to lose weight, improve posture to increase strength and reduce pain, cardio-respiratory function for heart health and better endurance, flexibility to reduce muscle soreness and better joint function and personal assistance to coach you on the different components and how they work together to produce desired results.First time clients can experience a complimentary session to receive a fitness and posture assessment. As well as an introduction to the type of training they’ll be taking part in.

To experience the No Shane, No Gain program you can also download the clinic’s free app: Picture Perfect Posture by clicking on the link.

Below is part of an article written by Sue Lempert former mayor of San Mateo. Sue writes a weekly column for the San Mateo Daily Journal. Click on the link to read the rest.

“Shane has set up shop in San Mateo. I don’t mean the Alan Ladd “Shane” but Shane Boley, a fitness trainer. I had never worked with a serious trainer before but stories about this guy intrigued me. A doctor friend was completely transformed by Shane. In middle age, he was a flabby, overweight, stooped-over physician who looked like he couldn’t climb a flight of stairs. After a couple of years with Shane, he lost 90 pounds and 17 percent body fat, completely changed his diet, worked out daily and today looks strong enough to complete a triathlon.”


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