Proper posture and physical fitness is in your DNA. Shane will use 5 components to rehabilitate your body and your thought process about physical fitness. The 5 components are: Nutrition, Resistance Training, Cardiovascular Training, Flexibility Training and Personal Assistance.

1 Nutrition: Good exercise, good nutrition and a good attitude — together they create the trifecta for good health and well-being. And, as in fitness, when it comes to nutrition, each individual requires a plan that fits their specific goals, lifestyle and body needs. Food is the fuel source for the body’s energy. The body uses what it needs, and when you eat too much, it turns the excess calories into fat. Feed your body just the right amount of energy to keep it working well, but not too much so that the unused energy settles in the wrong places! It’s important to refuel every 3-4 hours to keep blood sugar levels in balance and maintain optimum body function. By dividing the same amount of calories into six smaller meals and snacks, the body “burns” the food for immediate energy rather than store it.

2 Resistance Training: The No Shane No Gain program, makes sure that while working out. All systems of the Kinetic Chain are functioning to the best of the clients ability. The program throughout helps the body develop and maintain better posture. Allowing the Kinetic Chain to function more efficiently and the body to develop with less stress. The KINETIC CHAIN is the Nervous System, Muscular System and the Skeletal System. Kinetic means force(s). Chain refers to a system that is linked together or connected. All components work together to manipulate human motion. If one component of the kinetic chain is not working properly, it will affect the others and ultimately affect the movement. If you concentrate on good posture and form you do not have to overtrain the body to develop it. Getting both the body and the mind to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Know that muscle directly affects your metabolism. Better developed and functioning muscles means a higher metabolic rate, burning more calories.

3 Cardiovascular Training: Cardio-vascular training is anything that elevates the heart rate for a prolonged period of time. The heart is a muscle. When it works out, like all other muscles, it gets stronger. A strong heart means that it works more efficiently with less effort. Before starting the cardio portion of your program. Shane will determine your cardiovascular fitness level. After, your fitness level is determined. Shane will tell you your Target Heart Rate. Your target heart rate is where your body doesn’t have to create energy, but can run off stored energy. Stored energy is fat.

4 Flexibility Training: Flexibility is the normal extensibility of all soft tissue that allows for proper joint motion , by restoring the muscles back to their right length tension relationship, reducing lactic acid and increasing the overall control of your body. If muscles are tight they pull the body out of alignment. This restricts the overall movement of the body causing bad posture, pain and discomfort. Flexibility training may decrease muscle imbalances, joint dysfunctions and overuse injuries. The No Shane No Gain program evaluates your posture, determining which muscles are tight and shortened. The flexibility training portion of the program stretches these muscles before a workout to allow for better joint motion. After the workout, we stretch those muscles again and the muscles that we worked that day with partner assisted stretching.

5 Personal Assistance: At The B. Fit Clinic following the No Shane No Gain training program.

Shane Boley C.P.T, C.E.S will help you:

• Improve Nutritional Habits
• Improve muscle balance and control
• Increase flexibility
• Enhance Posture
• Improve Balance
• Stabilize your core
• Improve cardio-respiratory function
• Lose Body Fat

The paragraph below is part of the Fit-For-Work-Workout article that Shane wrote for Srubs Magazine. Click on the link to read the rest.

“The following eight exercises target these areas. The routine is short and should take you only about 15 minutes. For best results, do it three times a week, working up to every day, and before you know it you’ll be stronger, more stable and more resistant to injury. Remember, fitness is an ongoing process; you’ll get better as you progress.”

The Fit-For-Work-Workout
Scrubs magazine